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Learn How to Play Games On Our Platform & Kickstart Your Skill Fantasy Journey!

How to Play on Skill Fantasy
A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1 - Create Your Account

Begin your Skill Fantasy journey by creating a personalized account. Click on "Sign-Up," provide the necessary details, and become a part of the gaming community.

Step 2 - Explore Your Dashboard

Once logged in, familiarize yourself with the user-friendly dashboard. Here, you can navigate through the various features, contests, and team management options.

Step 3 - Join a Contest

Discover the excitement by selecting a contest of your choice. Browse through the available options in the "Contest Corner" and click on "Join" to participate.

Step 4 - Craft Your Team

Create your dream team by selecting players strategically. Consider player form, skills, and upcoming match dynamics. Click on "Create Team" to build your winning lineup.

Step 5 - Submit Your Team

Finalize your selections and submit your team before the contest deadline. Ensure you have the optimal lineup to maximize your chances of scoring big.

Step 6 - Follow the Action

Once your team is submitted, follow the live action. Track your players' performances and witness the excitement as your team competes in the virtual arena.

Step 7 - Scoring and Rewards

Understand the scoring system to gauge your team's performance. Earn points based on your players' real-life achievements. Check the leaderboard to see how you rank against others.

Step 8 - Withdraw Your Winnings

After earning rewards, withdraw your winnings effortlessly. Click on the "Withdraw" option to enjoy the fruits of your successful gaming strategies.

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