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What is Fantasy Sports App?

The hype for fantasy sports app in India is rising with time. A fantasy sports app refers to a platform that allows players to build their virtual team consisting of real-life characters (those who play the selected sports) to compete with other players on the app.

Players can secure rewards after their win based on the strategies they make considering the statistical performance of the selected players in real games. The app or platform generally offers tools for making trades, drafting players, tracking scores, and setting lineups. All these tools contribute significantly to making the app engaging and competitive for the players participating.

Fantasy Sports Offered by Skill Fantasy


fantasy Cricket

It’s time to build your dream Cricket team and strategies to win the field. Prove your love and expertise in cricket to win big.


fantasy Football

Show your football expertise by winning with your football dream. Create effective strategies to dominate the field and claim your deserving deals.


fantasy kabaddi

It’s time to battle it out with kabaddi champions. Make sure to have powerful strategies that allow you to lead the modern-day field of traditional Indian games.

Download the Best Fantasy Sports App Free

Are you ready to play and Excel at your favorite fantasy sport? Whether you love cricket, football, or kabaddi, our app offers it all. Start working on your strategies to defeat the best players because we have some excellent rewards in store for the winners. To test your expertise in any of the fantasy sports, download Skill Fantasy – the top fantasy app in India, available on Google Play Store and App Store for FREE!

Unlock the Rewards on the Best Fantasy Sports App in India

Welcome Delight

Get welcome bonus & rewards, start playing to find what’s in store for you and give your fantasy sports journey a head start.

Referral Rewards

Spread the word to earn yourself some exciting rewards. Whether it is your family member, a fellow sports enthusiast, or a friend, recommend Skill Fantasy and earn rewards as they join our community.

Daily Challenges

Every day is a chance to win big at Skill Fantasy. Join our daily challenges to grab awesome rewards and set new records. It's also your shot to boost your game skills. Play your favorite sports - cricket, football, or kabaddi - and get ready to win every day. Simple as that. Your next win is just a game away.

Seasonal Bonanza

Gear up for the celebrations and special times of the year with Skill Fantasy! We’re dropping loads of rewards and special bonuses for a limited time. Just keep playing and be ready to claim your share.

Trusted & Secure Payment Methods

Secure payments and transactions are one of the major concerns of fantasy sports players, and we do not compromise when it comes to reliable options.

Our range of reliable payment solutions includes Paytm, PhonePe, and Cashfree Payments. Moreover, all our transactions are processed securely, so your data is in safe hands. Rest assured about the financial aspects, and continue with our fantasy sports app download to begin your exciting journey.

Features of Skill Fantasy - Top Fantasy App in India

Opinion gaming

Test your sports knowledge and rack up 50 fantasy points for each correct answer once the match result is declared. Participate in engaging pre-match quizzes and answer questions about key game aspects like top scorers, winning team, and more.

2nd Innings flexibility

Missed the start? No problem! With Skill Fantasy, you've got the flexibility to jump into the action at any time. Whether you're here for the first half or just catching the second innings, you won't miss out on the excitement or the chance to win. It's all about making your move at the right time, in your own style.

Private contest with friends

Isn’t it always exciting to challenge your friends one on one? Well, thanks to Skill Fantasy, you can now create private contests or challenges to enjoy exclusive sessions.

Guru Team Suggestion

Get expert picks and insider tips with our Guru Team Suggestion feature. Make your gameplay smarter and your wins bigger, based on expert advice. It's your shortcut to the top!

Strategic team swapping

Are you not satisfied with your team in the middle of a match? Worry not; Skill Fantasy allows you to create multiple teams and switch between the challenge to the team you find best for a particular game.

Backup player advantage

Don’t be bothered by unexpected changes. We allow you to choose additional players instead of the original count, so you have backup players for every challenge to ensure that the winning streak continues.

Start Winning Big on India’s Best Fantasy App

Get a chance to win and earn exciting rewards while playing your favorite fantasy sports with the dream team. Isn’t it a win-win already?

Skill Fantasy – the best app for fantasy sports in India, offers a range of fantasy sports for sports enthusiasts wanting to enter the sports betting industry. Register yourself to play challenges and contests that will help you up your knowledge, expertise, and skills of your favorite games. Moreover, earn real money and exciting rewards.

Skill Fantasy App Reviews

Join the community of satisfied players who’ve experienced the thrill of Skill Fantasy. These testimonials reflect the satisfaction and positive experiences of Skill Fantasy players. Here’s what our users have to say about their gaming journey:

App Rating 4.9 | 4 Reviews

I hit the jackpot with Skill Fantasy! Just last week, I won ₹5,739 by playing my favorite fantasy cricket game. This app is not only fun but also rewards real cash. It's thrilling to combine my love for sports with the chance to earn money. Definitely the best fantasy app out there!
Priya Sharma-min
Priya Sharma
I've been using it for a couple of months and have won already. The app is user-friendly, and the thrill of winning real money is unmatched. It's the perfect app for anyone looking to make some extra cash through their sports knowledge.
Amit Singh-min
Amit Singh
I never imagined playing online fantasy sports could be so rewarding until I found Skill Fantasy. Just last month, I won ₹7,310. The app is straightforward to use, and winning feels absolutely fantastic. For anyone who's into fantasy sports, this is the place to be.
Ravi Patel-min
Ravi Patel

FAQ - Best App for Fantasy Sports in India

Fantasy sports or games is a type of sports betting wherein players create their virtual dream team to play their favorite fantasy sport such as cricket, football, basketball, etc.

The team comprises real characters/players from the respective sports industry, and the players are required to make strategies on the basis of the member’s performance data. They then compete against other players and the winner is chosen on the basis of a predetermined points system.

Fantasy sports is an exciting opportunity for sports enthusiasts wanting to earn exciting rewards while testing their luck in the virtual field.

There are several fantasy sports apps allowing users to engage in their favorite sport. The choice is subjective to one’s preference. However, Skill Fantasy stands out as the best app for fantasy sports in India due to several reasons. Some of these are our range of fantasy sports offerings, user-friendly interface, exciting rewards, the Skill Fantasy community, and engagement opportunities.

So, make sure to download Skill Fantasy from the Google Play Store or App Store to win exciting rewards while playing your favorite games/sports.

Skill Fantasy is the top choice for fantasy sports in India. It’s easy to use, covers all your favorite sports, and comes with great prizes. Plus, there’s a big community to join. Get it from the Play Store or App Store and start winning in cricket, football, and more.